Contribution Guidelines

Please check the guide if you’d like to participate in the project, ask a question or give a suggestion.

General Guidelines

This guide helps you contribute to the MLdev project. We are going to mention all contributors in the project roster Please, also check the project license and overall contribution guidelines.

If you are parcitipating in an open source project for the first time you may find the following useful:


Please, use your registered account wth GitLab. Then you should be able to fork the project and then submit a Merge Request or request access via standard Gitlab features.

Translating and contributing docs and tutorials

English translation and new project documentation can be added to the Wiki. Please, check the following:

  • if English translation, file name should be in English

  • add a link to the original document so that it could be properly linked

  • add an issue here and describe your contribution

GitLab wiki is a Git repo, you may want to create a branch for your contribution and use offline editing tools

Reporting bugs and code fixes

Please, start with submitting an issue here. In the issue, describe the enhancement or the bug you are providing a fix for:

  • is this a bug or enhancement?

  • brief description of the problem

  • actual vs expected behavior

  • proposed solution, may be a code patch or description

If you’d like to make a contribution to the project, please send the access request to the MLDev project.

Joining the project

We welcome everyone who’d like to contribute to the project. Please, contact the developers at Check also the list of issues waiting for contribution.