DVC integration module

This module allows to use MLDev together with DVC.

See Stage class that implements a stage which uses DVC to set up dependencies.

class Stage(name='', params={}, env={}, inputs={}, outputs={}, script=[])[исходный код]

Базовые классы: object

Main class for DVC pipeline stages.

Converts script to a single command line and creates a stage in DVC in prepare. Reproduces the stage via DVC repro in run.

Adds inputs as input dependencies and outputs as results and places them under version control. If MLDEV_NO_COMMIT feature is not set also makes a git commit with DVC’s files.

Accepts the following parameters:

  • inputs – lists files and folders that this stage depends upon

  • outputs – lists files and folders that this stage produces

and that will be added to version control :param params: parameters for the commands being invoked :param env: additional environmental variables to pass to commands :param script: a list of commands to invoke

prepare(stage_name)[исходный код]
run(stage_name)[исходный код]