Execution utils module

This module provides utils to execute internal mldev command from shell scripts and external scripts from stages.

check_kill_process(pstring)[исходный код]

TODO docs




exec_command(cmdline, env=None, capture=False)[исходный код]

Executes the given :param cmdline: with shell. Passes current „“os.environ““ to the command.

Calls „“setenv.sh““ script before running the command

Raises exception if subordinate command fails :param cmdline: command line to execute :param env: additional environment for command :param capture: if True, then capture output in CompletedProcess.stdout :return: instance of CompletedProcess

exec_tool_command(cmdline, extra='mldev', environ=None)[исходный код]

Executes the given tool command :param cmdline: with shell.

See exec_command for more details :param cmdline: command to execute (relative to install_dir) :param environ: additional environment for the tool command :return: instance of CompletedProcess

prepare_experiment_command(cmdline, env=None)[исходный код]

Makes a single string to run the given :param cmdline: with shell. Passes :param env: to the command by prepending with export.

  • cmdline – command line to execute

  • env – additional environment to pass


a cmdline that runs in venv

shell_escape(s: str, shell_symbols='"\'')[исходный код]

If any control symbols - prepend „“ Double „“ to „' :param s: a string to escape :param shell_symbols: a string with control characters to escape :return: escaped string

shell_quote(s: str)[исходный код]

Escapes and quotes string s