Expressions module

This module implements parameterizable strings for use within experiment spec.

Expressions employ self variable, which corresponds to the currently executing stage.

See also module for more implementation details.

class Expression(value, pattern=re.compile('\\$\\{([^}^{]+)\\}'), ctx=None, doc=None)[исходный код]

Базовые классы: object

Implements a parameterizable string which values are computed at runtime from the currently available parameters in the context

to_json()[исходный код]
class defaultdict_v2(*args, default=None, **kwargs)[исходный код]

Базовые классы: dict

eval_ctx(p, ctx=None, doc=None)[исходный код]

Evaluates an expression p in context ctx

The following variables are available for expressions:

  • env : a dict that includes os.environ and MLDevSettings().environ if a key is missing, None is returned to expression

  • _ : a context object

These functions are available for expressions:

  • json(o) : converts its argument o to json string

  • path(p) : expands its argument to an absolute path

  • params(dict) : converts dict to a sequence of --<key> <value> pairs


  • ctx – context to evaluate p

  • p – expression to evaluate


result of evaluation